The Customer Xperience Executive Academy

Welcome to The Customer Xperience Executive Academy Online .  Customer eXperience (CX) training is just a few clicks away.  

The DiJulius Group


The CXE course outline has been designed to prepare leaders like you, from around the world, for a new level of leadership, to the benefit of both your career and your organization. This course enables you to assess the current state of service in an organization and work to build a culture within that delivers world-class experiences consistently.

The CXE Academy Online provides comprehensive training and certification on all facets and responsibilities that fall under the Customer experience. As a student at The CXE Academy Online you will develop your ability to design and implement significant business change that impacts the customer service delivered by your organization.

The series of classes developed for The CXE Academy follows the trademarked X Commandments methodology created by John DiJulius and The DiJulius Group. As a participant, you will learn the importance of each aspect of this methodology, and how to implement and execute on each one. Register today.