CXE Academy: Non-negotiable Experiential Standards and Secret Service Systems

Non-negotiable Standards and Secret Service Systems

This course instructs the learner on utilizing Customer Intelligence to personalize their customer's experience, engage and anticipate their needs.


The DiJulius Group


Secret Service is a strategy that businesses use today to both differentiate and distance themselves from their competitors.

Creating Secret Service systems allows front-line employees to engage and interact with Customers enabling them to personalize the Customer’s experience by anticipating and delivering on their needs.

Having great standards are not enough, however.  You now need to systemize those standards in order for them to be realistically delivered on a consistent basis.


As a result of providing Secret Service, companies:

create stronger relationships with their Customers.

build emotional capital and brand equity with their Customers.

turn their Customers into brand evangelists.

and make price less relevant to their customers.


In this course, you will learn:

  • the four criteria Secret Service systems must meet.
  • the difference between customer experience and customer service. 
  • how to have customers asking “How’d they do that?” “How’d they know that?”
  • the four areas of an experiential audit.
  • what the five Es are and why you need to use them.
  • how to turn an interaction into an experience.
  • how to master the “norm factor”.
  • how to use silent cues and visual triggers to identify new, existing and VIP customers.
  • what the FORD analogy is and why it is so powerful to owning relationships with your customers.

  • how to differentiate between operational and experiential standards.