CXE Academy: Service Vision

Service Vision

This offering includes slides and video that will instruct you on how to create, launch and implement a Service Vision unique to your organization.  Your will be guided to develop this through a series of exercises, activities and planning.

The DiJulius Group


A Service Vision is the true underlying value of what your organization brings to its Customers that provides a meaningful purpose for your team members.

The series of videos in this offering will instruct you how to:

  • determine the phrase that makes your service/product “priceless”.
  • script a “Day in the Life of your Customer” using two essentials that will create empathy and compassion in your employees.
  • craft a Service Vision statement that is unique to your company, pertains to each team member -regardless of their role or department- plus! the four key pieces necessary to make your statement meaningful.
  • develop Three Pillars that will teach your team how to deliver on your Service Vision.
  • create a Never and Always list that will change your culture. Your team will understand what it expected of them, and your customer will receive a consistent experience.
  • use the five E’s for hiring and training.


You will also learn best practices from world-class companies to launch and market your Service Vision to your team, keeping it essential in your culture.